CVR(T) Striker

Military Vehicle Solutions Ltd currently stock the CVRT Striker ATGM Tank Destroyer (Swingfire) for sale.

Defence Procurement

Military Vehicle Solutions Ltd has delivered varying sized orders (numbers) of both CVRT and Stormer vehicles for several foreign governments. These vehicles have all gone through our RESET program and can be modernised too meet our clients requirements.

Private Vehicle Collectors

Military Vehicle Solutions Ltd also offers sales of CVRT Striker vehicles to private vehicle collectors, defence companies and museums. We offer RESET vehicles (refurbished) and restoration projects.


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About The CVR(T) Striker

The FV102 Striker was the Anti-tank guided missile version of the CVR(T).

The British Army ordered 48 of the version, which were armed with the Swingfire missile system. Striker had five missiles ready to fire in a mounting at the rear of the vehicle, with another five stowed inside.

Secondary armament consisted of a commander’s 7.62 mm GPMG and multi-barrelled smoke grenade dischargers. Striker looked very similar to Spartan in appearance, becoming more easily identifiable only when the missile tubes were raised.

Striker is no longer in service since the Swingfire missile was replaced by the Javelin in mid–2005. Prior to Javelin, an unknown number of Spartan APC were converted into the Spartan Milan Compact Turret aka Spartan MCT. It consisted of a small, traversable turret on the roof, mounting x2 missiles.

The French Milan ATGM had a great armour penetration capability than Swingfire, but lacked the latters range, therefore Spartan was a temporary stopgap until Javelin entered British Army service.Tanks


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