CVR(T) Sabre

Military Vehicle Solutions Ltd currently stock the CVR(T) Sabre Light Tank for sale.

Defence Procurement

Military Vehicle Solutions Ltd has delivered varying sized orders (numbers) of both CVRT and Stormer vehicles for several foreign governments. These vehicles have all gone through our RESET program and can be modernised too meet our clients requirements.

Private Vehicle Collectors

Military Vehicle Solutions Ltd also offers sales of CVRT Sabre vehicles to private vehicle collectors, defence companies and museums. We offer RESET vehicles (refurbished) and restoration projects.

Disclaimer: Featured vehicle is a demonstrator.


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About The CVR(T) Sabre

The CVR(T) Sabre was a hybrid vehicle, with the turret from a Fox Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle on a FV101 Scorpion hull and armed with the same 30mm RARDEN cannon as the Scimitar.

One hundred and thirty-six of these hybrid vehicles were brought into service in 1995, after some modifications were made to the turret.

These modifications included; redesigning the smoke grenade dischargers, replacing the standard machine gun with a L94A1 chain gun and domed hatches to improve headroom for the commander and gunner.

They were assigned to the reconnaissance platoons of armoured and mechanised infantry battalions before being withdrawn from service in 2004. RESET Tanks


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